Dogs are funny, funny creatures. We think we know them, and then they come up with whole new, more exciting ways to show us just how clowny they really are. When my oldest dog decides he wants something from me, he brings me a toy. Every single time. But, recently he realized toys weren’t getting him certain things (like if he wants to go on a walk, but we’re in the middle of dinner), so he’s just started flopping his head over onto my lap instead. That’s exactly what this video reminds me of. Toby loves his family, but he loves food more. And whenever anyone is eating, Toby lets them know just how left out he feels by making them feel as horribly as possible about ‘starving’ the poor pooch. Take a look!

Seriously, though…who could say no to a face like that? I don’t think I could. Good luck, family, looks like Toby has you exactly where he wants you…

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