Kids love to go to the playground. Between the swings and slides, running, screaming, and just getting a chance to be around other kids, there’s nothing not to love. But apparently kids are not the only ones who love it. Take this dog in Mexico. His family took him to the playground with his kids and while I’m sure they expected him to run around and be excited with the littles, he instead started doing exactly what they were doing: climbing a ladder to go down a slide. And it’s amazing! Take a look!

The first time I saw it I thought maybe it was a one time thing, maybe just something they happened to catch on video, but then he did it again and I couldn’t stop laughing. This dog is having the time of his life, and the littles who are playing with him are having just as great a time. And from their reaction to him on the playground, I’m thinking this isn’t the first time he’s joined them, either. Next up? I’m guessing a video of the dog swinging his own. How very funny!

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