Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting things a family can experience. From the moment that line changes color, everything in your life has changed. Immediately, it seems, the symptoms start, and then it’s time for the first doctor’s appointment, and then a chance to hear the heartbeat. Oh, that sweet sweet sound! It’s almost as if that’s what makes it feel real. not the test, but the sound of that beat. But then, before we know it, we’re craving more. That first ultrasound just isn’t enough. Sure, it’s fun to see the little bean, but WHAT ARE WE HAVING!?! So by the time you’re ready to find out, you’re ready. And some brave souls are willing to put aside that deep desire to know just long enough to share it with their families. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t work out exactly as planned…take a look! The look on her face when those balloons pop up says it all. This is NOT the reveal she had planned, and while those balloons are fun, they are definitely not going to help decorate the nursery or pick that coming home outfit. But no fear, by the end of the video we found out for sure that she’s having a…baby. Congratulations to the family! Best wishes with your new addition!

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boyfriend-at-school-for-little-girl gender-reveal

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