This Lynx Shows That Cats Will Cats No Matter How Big They Get

No matter how big a cat is, it’s still going to be a big ol’ purr-baby at heart. Whether it’s the tiny little munchkin cat with short itty bitty legs, or a savannah curled up and snoring, taking up half the couch…cats are always going to be cats. They’re going to want to sit in boxes, they’re going to chase small critters, and they’re going to love it when you pet them. That’s exactly the case with this Canadian lynx, Max. Max is a wild animal, but he’s also slightly more domesticated than most. Max works to help preserve his species by teaching people about lynx and what they’re like. But, Max is still a cat. So if you offer to give him some big ol’ kitty pets, he’s totally down for it. Take a look!

I love how he starts the video in a box. Because, of course he does. He’s a cat, after all. And I’m guessing if you rolled a ball in front of him that has a bell in it, he’d chase it. Not saying I’m going out to adopt a lynx tomorrow or anything, but if I ever do met Max, I’m definitely going to bring some treats.

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