I’ve always loved Disney animation. From when I was a little girl and completely enthralled with Cinderella, to when I was a teenager and going with my teenage friends to see Beauty And The Beast, Disney animation has always had a huge place in my heart. I can’t imagine too many kids have gone without their own experiences with these cartoons. I remember taking my nephew to see Mulan when he was just two-years-old, and thinking about how amazing it was to be sharing something that special with the next generation, and then later with my own kids as they grew old enough. With all of these amazing memories, it’s no wonder I could never have imagined a way to improve on the Disney experience. Never, until now, that is. I never heard the songs I loved so much sung in their native languages. It’s weird that it would make such a difference, but wow. It’s breathtaking. Take a look! After seeing this, I would love to go back and rewatch all the classics, but in their native languages. There is nothing so beautiful as hearing the songs from Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast sung in French. It’s inspiring. And since I know these movies so very well, I truly want to rewatch them and experience them all over again…in a whole new way.

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