Toddler Meets Cheshire Cat At Disneyland And It’s The Best Thing Ever!

Every parent of a young child knows of the magic that is Disney. Even more magical is a visit to the Kingdom itself. From that first glimpse of the castle, until the final goodbyes, children are thrust into a world of wonder beyond anything the could have imagined where their favorite characters have come to life and the entire world is built to make them happy. When Disneyland in France recently had a guest appearance from the Cheshire Cat, that whimsy and magic came to life for everyone who was in attendance, though, possibly not nearly as much as for this tiny tot. While most took pictures with or enjoyed watching the cat play, this toddler became the star of the show and won over the Cheshire Cat in a way no one else could have. Take a look!

How adorable are they together? I think my favorite part is when the cat when in for a hug, and then gathered the baby up to run away with him. The voice of mama can be heard in the background, “You’re going to have to bring him back!” I know this baby will probably only remember this visit through pictures and video, but his time with the cat definitely showed the rest of the world that the magic is still very much alive and well at Disney.

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