Fearless Two-Year-Old Daredevil On A Bike!

I’m a helicopter parent. If I could wrap my baby in bubblewrap before sending her out to check the mail, I totally would. I’ve always been this way. There’s just something about watching that tiny life that came out of you grow and fall, and be hurt that is terrifying. But, that’s me. These parents took an entirely different approach. At two-years-old, this toddler can barely walk, but is already riding a bike like a pro. Not just a pro, but a daredevil. Take a look!

Down stairs, around corners, down the street, down rocky trails…I had a heart attack just watching, but from the smile and look of pride on his face, this little definitely knows what he’s doing. And it looks like his doting parents are right there beside him to protect him every step of the way. So while they aren’t bubble wrapping their kid like I would, at least he’s out there having the time of his little toddler life!

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