Pregnancy Timelapse: Wait Until You See Her At 41-Weeks!

We all carry our pregnancies differently, but there is something amazing about a big bump. That’s not to bump-shame anyone who carried small, but I definitely love seeing those huge bellies. I don’t even know what it is. I mean, we know the baby isn’t going to come out of there the size of a toddler, but when it looks like a woman is smuggling a Buick under her sweater, I can’t help but get a smile on my face. These pregnancy timelapse videos do that to me every time. To see these women progress from no baby to huge in the course of minutes is incredible to watch and definitely something I love to share. This one was especially share-worthy! Just wait until you see her at 41 weeks! Take a look!

Definitely an admirable bump. And such a sweet baby at the end! I didn’t think to do a timelapse with my own, but every time I watch one of these I wish I had. Best wishes to mom and baby! I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying life!

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