When my daughter turned one, we tried everything to get her to smash her cake. She wouldn’t have any of it. She ever so daintily touched the icing with one finger, burst into tears, and wanted her finger cleaned because she didn’t want anything on it. Which is extreme considering how her room looks at this very moment. Still, it took a LOT of work to convince her that she could not only eat her cake, but play in it. Okay, I’ll admit, we ‘may’ have smeared some cake on her face for pictures… Still, THIS baby had no such qualms over his birthday cake. When the cake is put in front of this tiny tot, it takes absolutely no convincing at all before he face plants right into it. And it’s as funny as it sounds! Take a look! This is a kid who is going to be willing to try anything growing up. I imagine him eating foods from far away lands by the age of two. Okay, maybe not. But at least his family got this incredibly funny video of his first birthday! No coaxing required.

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