Kid Tries To Say ‘Banana’, And It Gets Cuter With Every Try!

When kids struggle to say words, it’s both adorable and hilarious. Sure, we want them to learn how to say ‘spaghetti’, but who can resist a good ‘pasghetti’? Not I. Not that I never want them to learn, but there are only so many years between them being that little and big enough that they know how to say ALL the words – even the ones we don’t want them to. For my daughter, the hard word was fingers. For the longest time instead of saying ‘fingers’, she would say ‘pinders’. If we slowed it down, she’d say it correctly, but I will never ever in my life be able to forget just how stinkin’ cute it was hearing her talk about her ‘pinders’. I’m sure that’s exactly how the daddy in this video feels as he tries to teach his child how to say ‘banana’. Take a look!

“No, not bananana, banana.” And no matter how many times the baby tries to say it, it’s wrong every single time. Or right. Completely right. Because even though it’s wrong, it’s adorable and hilarious and something that daddy is going to remember for the rest of his life. Just like my pinders.

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