This Is How Candy Canes Are Made By Hand!

If you were like me, growing up you thought candy canes were made in the North Pole by Elves who were hopped up on hot cocoa and Christmas spirit. Turns out, we were wrong! While a lot of candy canes are made in factories, there are still some companies who make them by hand…and it’s nothing like you’d imagine! Take a look!

I don’t know if I’d ever thought about how they were made before, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t believe it. I never imagined someone working with hot, molten sugar, rolling it and stretching it by hand. And the heated table? Blew my mind. Most surprising is just how beautiful they turn out after all that work is done. I’ve never tried a warm, freshly made candy cane before, but now I hope to someday!

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