Wife Surprises Father-To-Be With ‘Homemade Gift’

Figuring out how to tell your significant other that your pregnant is one of the most exciting things a mom-to-be can do. Men might have a cornered market on interesting proposals, but THIS is where women get to shine. Sure, some blurt out the news right away, or there are always those times where dad is next to you while you’re taking the test, but for the most part, women well know first that there is a new addition on the way. And this is where they really come alive. I mean, telling the family is one thing, but you get to do it together. Telling the S.O. is completely up to mom. This mom decided to surprise her husband by telling him she had a ‘homemade gift’ for him. Not that it was his birthday, or any sort of important day, but she surprised him none the less! Take a look!

When he finally gets in there, it’s his face that really gets me. He’s so excited, but still taking just a little bit of time to register exactly what’s going on. It’s endearing and so amazing. Congratulations on the parents-to-be, and best wishes with your new family!

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