Marriage is hard. A long marriage is even harder, but after so much time together you kind of just have to roll with the punches. I mean, we’re all going to make mistakes – a lot of them. And when you’re married, you live with the mistakes of someone else for the entire time you are together. Which is great, and horrible. Great, because you’ll always have someone to commiserate with, but horrible because you’ll always have someone who exasperates you. That’s exactly what’s happening in this local commercial. When the camera starts rolling, the man is supposed to say, “Buttery Flaky Crust” but no matter how many times he tries to get the words out, they just won’t come. And his wife? The look on her face says it all. But just wait until you hear what happens when SHE tries it! Take a look! I can’t stop laughing at these two! He’s obviously unphased by his mistakes and while she’s definitely flummoxed, there’s just so much love and hilarity between them. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to cast a real life couple in this commercial, but judging by the outtakes it might have also been the best idea ever!

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