This Dog’s Favorite Toy Came To Life And Her Reaction Is Hilarious!

We dog people would do anything to keep our canine companions happy. I mean, they Are our best friends, after all. So we give them treats, brush them, pet them until our hands go numb, and of course, give them toys. My dog has had a favorite plastic fish since he was a little pup. He used to sleep with it in his bed, and now it’s his go-t0 toy whenever he wants to play, or chew, or just needs something to love on. His fish is his favorite thing in the world, second to me, of course. I think that’s why this video made me laugh so hard. If ever that fish came to life, walked into the house and said, “Hey, buddy. How’s it going?” my dog would absolutely flip out. Which is exactly what this dog does when HER favorite toy comes to life! Take a look!

I don’t think there is anything happier on this planet than the face that dog made when her toy walked in. I still can’t stop laughing! I don’t know if her owners saw the costume and decided to see what happened, or if they’ve been planning it for a while, but kudos – your dog is now the happiest dog ever.

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