Hilarious Little Girl Tells Dad She Has A Boyfriend At School

We all want to keep our kids little for as long as possible. And yet, it seems, almost from the second they are born they are ready to grow up. From babies who say ‘hello’ at two-months-old, to toddlers who ride bikes like pros, we are surrounded by kids who just seem so much older than they really are. And our own kids? When did we give them permission to get taller than us? To talk so sophisticated? To start dating?!? I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what this daddy is thinking when his precious tiny tot tells him that she’s got a boyfriend at school. His reaction? You’ll have to see for yourself! Take a look!

She can barely say say the word boyfriend, but she is Insistent that Sam is her boyfriend. It’s okay, she promises. Dad, it’s okay. She doesn’t want to play with Legos, and Addie told her so, so it is real. This is not a drill – this is happening. Okay, so dad’s probably got a few years left before he Truly has to worry, but I’m still guessing he’ll have his hands full with this one.

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