Every job has its ups and down. But being a meteorologist seems like it’d have more ups than downs. You roll with the maps, make weather related jokes, and stay away from the color green…so as you don’t accidentally blend in with the screen. A pretty sweet gig, overall. Sure, yes, you have to come in every time there’s a tornado or some other natural disaster, but that’s kind of your time to shine! Everyone’s there for YOU and you get to OWN IT! Still, sometimes things go wrong and as a teller of weather your job is to figure out whether (get it?) to go with it, or promise a correction later on. Lucky for us, this reporter went with the flow. When the weather map for the greater Scottsdale area of Arizona went fritzy, this meteorologist not only rolled with it, but totally gave us some hilariously viral material! Take a look!

“Now, I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but these temperatures seem rather high.” I love this! I don’t know if he’s ever been through a fail like this before, but he OWNED IT! Definitely wish he was on my local station, ’cause I would watch him every day. You keep shining, weather man. I see nothing but blue skies in your future!

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