We want to believe our kids hear us when we teach them things. That what we say doesn’t just go in one ear and out the other. For most of us, though, it’s a bit like talking to a wall. Especially as they get older. Don’t even get me started on teenagers and the painful number of times it takes to get them to do one tiny little thing. Some kids are far better listeners than others…even if they don’t quite understand what they’re being told. That’s exactly the case with this little kiddo. Dad is trying to teach his son to play ball, and tells him the old sage advice, “Keep your eye on the ball.” Well, that’s exactly what the kiddo does…take a look! Have you seriously seen anything as cute as this before in your life? I love love love how the baby just did exactly what dad said, and even more so dad’s reaction after it was done. What a great kiddo and what a great teacher!

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