I love dogs. My family has always had dogs, and we’ve always been dog people. That being said, dogs can also be a colossal pain in the you-know-where. When I was a little girl, we had a newfoundland named PC…PC because he’d been such a Piece of Cake to train. Thing is, training is one thing – good behavior is another. PC loved banana bread. Any time we’d make banana bread, he’d find a way to sniff it out, and pull it off the counter. Almost never failed. So even though PC was a show dog and as well trained as they came, there was no making him behave when it came to that one thing. Well, for this dog it’s the same thing, but instead of banana bread, it’s the park. This dog LOVES the park. And when it’s time to leave, all training goes out the window and you won’t believe what happens! Take a look! As much as I want to feel for the owner, I can’t help but laugh. I’ve totally been there, done that. And since I’ve always had big dogs, it’s gone pretty much the same exact way. I can’t really blame the pooch, either! When you’re having a good time – whether it be at the park, or scarfing down fresh out of the oven banana bread, all training is gonna go out the window. Thank goodness they’re so cute, because dogs are definitely – at least some of the time – a pain in the you-know-where.

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