Confused Baby Meets Dad’s Twin Brother…

Being a baby is tough enough. What with all the long hours, waking up late at night, making sure your parents are kept on their toes, learning to eat, drink, poop – I mean, it’s just a tough gig. It’s no wonder babies sleep as much as they do, the whole growing up thing is just a super hard business! So the last thing a baby wants after a long day of, well, babying, is to see double. I mean, when adults decide to pull a fast one on kiddo’s, it might be funny for us, but I can’t even begin to imagine how confusing it must be for them! Okay, okay, so enough of the fake seriousness…it’s just funny. When this baby meets dad’s twin for the first time, the reaction is exactly what you’d expect – take a look!

I love what happens when they take the glasses off. More than that, though, I love that the baby is not at any point confused about who ‘dada’ is – it’s the one opposite of the one holding him. So funny! Good luck to all of you growing up, and here’s hoping baby finds a way to get even for all the shenanigans some point real soon!

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