When we have to leave our babies in the care of someone else, there’s always the worry that something will go wrong. When they’re human babies you at least know they’re going to scream their heads off if they get hungry, sleepy, or need something, but what about those little fur babies? When this girlfriend had to leave town, she joked with her boyfriend that her pets would probably have to fend for themselves, but it turns out she had nothing to worry about. Her boyfriend, being supportive and funny, decided to show her just how much he cared for her little kitten in the cutest way possible! Take a look! I’ve had to leave my fur babies more than once, but it was always with people I trusted. I’m guessing this woman trusts her boyfriend, but probably even more so after all of this. I just can’t get over the cuteness of a tiny kitten eating tiny pancakes. Way to go!

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