Kids are a lot tougher than we give them credit for. While I walked around, practically shoving bubblewrap under mine in case they fell, there are parents out there who understand that kids are pretty tough little cookies. This one, for instance. His dad owns an alligator farm and this little has been around gators his entire life. So much like Bindi Irwin, he developed an early love and curiosity for the creatures. Watching him show the world how he can ‘catch a gator’ is not only adorable, but truly a show of just how tough some littles can be! Take a look!

I honestly have trouble wrangling geckos that accidentally get into my house, so this truly blows me away. Not only is he fearless, he’s having a great time. And good on dad for letting him. Instead of hiding him away from the family business, he found a way to help the kiddo learn early, and safely. What a cute family!

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