Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” Slowed Down Is Somehow Even Better Than The Original!

We had a record player when I was growing up. Actually, we had an 8-track, and a record player, but I preferred the record player. My favorite song to listen to over and over again was Shangr-Las “Leader Of The Pack.” Now, before you go assuming I’m super old, it was just one of the records in my moms collection that I really loved. And, just to make you jealous, I also had the original Thriller record at one point. But, I digress. In all those hours laying on the floor in the den listening to these songs loop over and over again, one of my favorite things was to change the speed of the song, see how it would sound different. I’m guessing the guy who did this recording of Jolene was a lot like me. Only, his song turned out SO AMAZING and absolutely blew me away! Take a look!

It’s not often that changing a song like this makes it rival the original, but this one definitely rivals the original. Dolly Parton’s upbeat tune is catchy, memorable, and riveting, but this version sounds more genuine and heartfelt. It’s truly something I won’t soon forget and now I just want to go out and find another record player and try this with all sorts of other songs. Can you imagine Lady Gaga on 33? I can’t, but now I kinda want to!

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