Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Can NOT Handle This Haunted House

I’m not a fan of scary things. I don’t do rollercoasters, or haunted houses, or gas station sushi. I can’t tell you the last scary movie I saw, but I can tell you the first…Nightmare On Elm Street. I was seven or eight, and supposed to be in bed. And instead of sleeping, I snuck out of my room to see what the big deal was. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. And one I’ve not repeated. So, yeah, I might be more cautious than most, but I’m definitely not going to be that person whose bungee cord breaks on them or whose parachute fails, either – ’cause I’d never do that. And maybe I’m missing out, IDK, but after watching Jimmy and Kevin in this haunted house, I have trouble thinking that’s the case. In fact, I’m pretty comfy in my safe little house in my safe little town, not being scared out of my wits. Still, I definitely like watching other people experience it. This was ridiculously funny! Take a look!

So. Funny. I think my favorite part is when they see the guy with the chainsaw and they’re like, “No. No. Just stop. Stop it.” LOL! It seemed like it was over, and then THAT happened. How funny. So yeah, I probably won’t be going to any haunted houses this year, but I’m definitely down for watching anyone who does!

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