I’m an animal person. Always have been. I’ve never in my life lived without some form of furry creature roaming around my house. In fact, right now there are six. Yeah, six. It’s not that I’m a hoarder, it was really an accident (and not the ‘I didn’t get them fixed and then this happened’ kind of accident, either). But, I digress…I love animals is all I’m saying. So when I was watching an interview about Kate McKinnon a while back and she was talking about her cat I cracked up because I related so hard. And then I saw another. And another. And pretty soon it was clear that I’m an animal lover, but Kate McKinnon is completely obsessed with her cat. You have to take a look! Seriously, she is ALL OF US when it comes to our pets. Or, at least me. I remember this one time I decided I would give my cat a bath because she got something on her fir. I got her into the bathroom and she looked at me with the most pathetic sad-cat face ever. She let out this piteous little meow and instead of giving her a bath, I used about a thousand paper towels to stroke-wash the stuff off her fur one little teeny tiny bit at a time. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what Kate would have done, too.

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