This Little Girl Argues With Her Dad About Counting!

Watching kids learn new things is one of the best thing about being a parent. Whether it’s the first time they recognize a word they’re reading, or when they start singing those ABC’s, or counting to ten, there is nothing more joyous (okay, a few things…) than watching that expression of comprehension bloom on their face. Except, what if your child is stubborn and no amount of arguing will convince them they’re missing part of the puzzle? It happened with my daughter with the alphabet. L-M-N-O was one  letter. I think this happens with a lot of kids, but it took a lot to convince her that there was no way to write the letter “elemeno” because it just wasn’t a thing. Same goes for this kiddo who is convinced CONVINCED that four doesn’t go between three and five. Take a look!

My favorite part is when the mama tells her, “Alea, count to four.” Changing the dialogue made it ALL make sense and suddenly she went from arguing to being able to count all the way to eight. Smart little cookie. Good luck with that alphabet, folks…with as hard as this was I can only advise you to stay clear of the “elemeno” trap as long as possible.

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