Watching kids discover mirrors is hilarious. That moment when they realize that baby in the mirror is actually them is side-splittingly funny. And something I think everyone can agree on is that it’s equally funny watching puppies and kittens figure out the same thing. With my most recent kitten, I remember her fighting with the ‘cat in the mirror’ for weeks before finally realizing that cat was her. She still plays with the mirror sometimes, but not as much as when she thought there was a stray kitty on the other side trying to play back. So whoever decided to put a mirror in the jungle knew exactly what they were doing. Sure, there’s that one giant gorilla who just keeps attacking, but then there’s also the cats who are totally cats, and the pod of apes who grow bigger and bigger by the day. Just so funny to see! Take a look!

My favorite was when the cat jumped from the back of the mirror. It’s like he wanted to see for sure that there definitely was not a cat on the other side. Which is totally something that kitten of mine would have done…had she thought about it.

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