You Have NEVER Seen Double Dutch Like THIS Before! Insane!

I was not a fan of basically any of my PE classes in school. I was slow, uncoordinated, and always the last one picked. Whether it was throwing a ball toward a hoop, and accidentally hitting a friend instead, or running a mile in a mere 20 minutes, it was clear my prowess was NOT in athletics. What I DID like, though, was watching. And my favorite thing to watch was double dutch. These people are insanely talented and so exceptionally fast! It blows my mind what they’re capable of doing and I’ve NEVER seen it done like this before! Take a look!

Machines, right? These people are basically machines. And really really fast ones at that. The idea that anyone is able to maintain that rhythm and that speed for that long is unimaginable to me. And when they switch? Oh holy cow. It’s nothing like the fancy double dutch some of my friends did in school, but there is no denying the absolute athleticism of this! Simply amazing!

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