When given a chance, people will amaze you. Especially those people who feel as if they have something to prove. That’s exactly the case with Sam, the dancing barista. Sam is autistic and was told he’d never work a day in his life. Sam lives in Toronto, Canada, and while he was at a camp he met Starbucks manager, Chris. Sam told Chris that he’d always wanted to work at Starbucks. The two formed an instant connection and Chris offered Sam a job. What came next was an amazing show of spirit that became a super viral video with over 44-million views. Sam, to help deal with the involuntary movements of his arms, and his issues with concentrating, began to dance on the job. Not only did he become the star of Starbucks, but he won the hearts of millions upon millions. Take a look!

I love that Sam is such an inspiration, but more than that, I love that Chris saw him as someone who truly could be a fantastic worker, and gave him a chance he’d never been given before. We all deserve that chance at some point. For Sam, it took being in the right place at the absolute right time. And how amazing was his reaction to finding out Ellen was sending him on a trip? I might still be a little misty-eyed. Have a blast in Japan, Sam! I hope I get to hear all about it when you come back!

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