When I was little, I had a penchant for giving myself bad haircuts. And by little I mean from about the age of three to, well, now. Okay, so I’m really bad about bad haircuts. As a parent, I’ve watched my own kids walk into a room looking like a weed-whacker attacked their hair on more than one occasion, so I definitely feel for the mom in this video. But what makes me giggle is that the mom is no where near this video. Left to her own devices, this little girl decided not only to cut her own bangs, but also to make a tutorial video for others to watch. With a chocolate-smeared mouth and the self confidence of someone who Knows they are doing a great job, she chops away much to the chagrin of anyone watching…take a look! I say I feel for the mom, because I know she’s the one who decided to put this online. Talk about supporting your child’s commitment! This kiddo wanted a tutorial video for others to see, and boy HOWDY did she make it happen. Not saying this is how you should cut your hair, but with confidence like that, who knows – this might very well be the trending style by the time she’s actually old enough to know what she’s doing!

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