We all have a very different definition of wildlife. For me, anything living outside of my home is wildlife. Unless it’s cute. And furry. Or has a shell. Or ends up injured on my front porch…basically, I’m a sucker when it comes to animals so I might have a broader definition of ‘wildlife’ than some. Which is why I relate to the woman in this video so much. This animal-loving woman ‘adopted’ a raccoon when she realized it was probably nursing some pups (cubs?), and after a few interactions, named it Rocksy. Not just because the name Rocksy is cute, though…because this little raccoon actually figured out how to knock on the door to let this woman know the raccoon is there, and is hungry. Take a look!

Can you imagine the first time this happened? I don’t know if it was day or night, if she was home alone or not, but it would have freaked me out. Then it would have made me giggle like mad. It’s a raccoon literally knocking (rolling?) on a door asking for food. I mean, I’ve had stray cats and possums wait around the edge of the yard for me to put food out for them, but this little critter actually figured out how to use tools to request assistance. What’s next? A raccoon doorbell? Also, I’d Totally watch a video of a raccoon ringing a doorbell…

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