When people talk about #RelationshipGoals, I always see these videos of fancy drawn baths, or rooms filled with flowers and balloons, and so much ‘stuff’ that has nothing to do with relationships whatsoever. THIS is what I think of when I imagine what a lifetime of #RelationshipGoals looks like…a man singing to his 93-year-old wife while she lays dying in a bed in hospice. But this story goes so much further than his song. First off, it’s a little hard to see, but the man starts off in a wheelchair because he can no longer walk. Still, he wants to stand up for his wife, so one of his family members actually holds him to keep him in place. Another? She can’t see. Yet, through the entire video her eyes are completely trained on him. It’s as if she’s imagining, remembering what those 73 years together were like. Then there’s the song itself. One they sang to each other over and over during their long relationship, and continue to sing together on this day…take a look! While all this is incredible, there is so much more to the story. Laura, the woman in the video, ended up leaving hospice. The family kept her happy and comfortable at home and she was able to spend several Several more months with her beloved. In the end, it was Howard, her amazing husband, who passed away first. And she soon after. As if she couldn’t imagine a day without him and had to stay to be with him as long as possible. THIS is #RelationshipGoals. THIS is what we should all want for ourselves.

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