Daddies and daughters have a special bond. From the moment they’re born, daughters seem to have daddies wrapped around their fingers, but, it’s okay – that’s exactly where daddy wants to be. So any time I see a daddy/daughter duo doing something amazing together, I melt into a gooey puddle of mushiness and can’t stand myself. This daddy/daughter team did so much more than that. Not only are they absolutely flipping amazingly cute, but he is just the BEST daddy ever! Sure, sure, there are other great daddies out there, but just listen to what he’s having her say. THIS is how you raise your child up right. Take a listen! With this kind of positivity in her life, there is no way this sweet girly isn’t going to succeed. But if she didn’t, that’d be okay. I have zero doubt in my mind that her father would be with her no matter what she went through, and he would stand up for her and cheer whenever she needed it. I am in LOVE with this and can’t wait to start saying it with my own kiddo. Way to be a great example, dad!

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