There aren’t many people who would leave an abandoned puppy to die on the side of the road. Whether they planned to raise it themselves, or take it to a rescue, almost anyone would at very least stop to pick the poor pupper up. That’s exactly what this family did. But as they fed and cared for this pupper, it soon became apparent that this was no ordinary dog, and, in fact, was not a dog at all. What’s amazing is that this didn’t happen right away. The family brought the pooch to a vet for shots and to be looked over, and nothing was said. It wasn’t until a second trip to the vet that the truth came out – and it blew my mind! Take a look!

Because he was raised by humans, this little fox won’t be able to live in the wild with his fellow kind, but hopefully he will be raised in a rescue center where he’ll be able to help educate people about wild animal and wild animal rescue. This little guy is going to live a good life, even if it isn’t quite a ‘dog’s life.’

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