Some of us just aren’t morning people. We wake up when the alarm goes off (or, after six or seven snoozes), we go through the routine, but our heart is never in it. I’m one of those people. I’d rather stay up working until 6:00 AM than have that be the time my alarm goes off to wake me up. I’m not sure what it is, either. You’d think after a full night’s sleep, I’d be raring to go, but instead I’m groggy, half-lidded, and will drink motor oil from a cup if that’s what it takes to get me going. That’s why I relate to this little girl so hard. After playing a little too hard the night before, this little one just can’t seem to pull it together for breakfast…take a look!

Crying while eating cereal? Yup. That’s me. Except instead of corn flakes it’s usually a piece of toast that I forgot to butter and there’s a chance the cat is drinking out of my coffee cup. I wish I could say things get easier, but some of us are just never going to quite be morning people…

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