Can’t Get Baby To Stop Crying? Try A Little David Bowie!

Babies love to cry. It’s like that’s what they’re born to do. Okay, okay, maybe they don’t love it, per se, but they definitely do it a lot. And as a new parent it can be nerve-wracking not knowing what to do to get your little bundle of awesome to stop crying. So literally any little trick or hack is a blessing. Especially right in the beginning…they’re just so helpless and tiny. Watching them cry for hours on end will break your heart and you’d literally move heaven and earth just to help them feel better. Luckily for this mom, all she needed was a Starman to come and save the day…take a look!

If nothing else ever goes right for this kiddo, at least she’s got exceptional taste in music. I absolutely love how not only does David Bowie stop the crying, but also helps her drift to sleep. That’s better than any lullaby I’ve ever heard. Forget about boughs breaking or wind blowing, this kiddo wants to hear about strange and enchanted boys…life on mars…and (please, oh please) maybe someday she’ll learn all about “Dance Magic.”

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