Lylah is obsessed with Ninja Warrior. Who isn’t? Watching people fly through the air and master obstacles that seem impossible to pass is incredible television. Well, when Lylah’s dad realized just how far his daughter’s obsession went, he got to work: he created her very own Ninja Warrior course in their backyard. And Lylah? Mastered it. It’s amazing to watch, and the best part? Her beloved stuffed animals are in the audience to cheer her on. Take a look! How incredible is she? As an adult I definitely couldn’t have made it through that course Anywhere nearly as fast as she did. But all I can see is so much training and dedication in this little’s future. Plus, she’s got a dad who seems just as obsessed as her, and between the two of them, I can definitely see Lylah go all the way! Good luck, kid! You’ve GOT THIS!

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