When our kids are little, there are times when they do things that we ‘should’ stop, but, well, we don’t. Maybe it’s because they’ve been especially naughty that day and karma feels good, or maybe it just seems like it might be a little entertaining to watch, and we let nature take its course. That’s exactly what happens here. When this sweet little is helping Nana in the garden, she can’t quite get the water to go into the watering can as well as she’d like. Nana tells her to keep squeezing, squeeze harder, and eventually the little raises the hose to her face. Well, we can all see where this is going to go, but honestly, it’s still super funny to watch. Take a look!

Sooo…yeah, that happened. I’ve watched this one a few times. I just can’t stop giggling at the way Nana’s all, “I should stop you…” aaaand then doesn’t. Yeah. I’ve been there. Still, it doesn’t look like the little was hurt all that badly so at least they’ll have these memories to talk about every Thanksgiving for the rest of their lives.

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