Birthdays are a big deal at any age. Whether it’s the first birthday with the cake in the face, or that sweet sixteen, or, in Iris Howard’s case, her 86th birthday. This year for her birthday, her friends and family decided to surprise her in a way she’d never expect. Picked up by her grandson, she’s driving around, listening to the radio when a special announcement comes on stating that not only is this her birthday but that she’s won best Nan for ten years in a row and is beloved by her friends and family. And it only gets better from there. Take a look! What starts as laughter soon turns into tears as family member after family member chimes in wishing her a happy birthday. Her emotional response becomes even stronger as her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in a very long time surprises her with a very special message. What an incredible surprise and what an incredible video! From all of us here, Happy Birthday, Iris Howard!

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nana-feels-bad-a-little birthday-surprise

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