I’m a pro at making excuses not to work out. My back hurts, I’ve got a cold, too much work to do, isn’t the gym closed today? So many great excuses. And then I see this…and all my excuses are blown out of the water. Zach Anner has cerebral palsy and an effervescent sense of humor. His book, “If At Birth You Don’t Succeed,” is the story of his comedic journey from kid in a wheelchair to YouTube comedy star. But this video is my favorite. Not just because he’s walking on a treadmill, but the things he says in it. Just hang around, you’ll see what I’m talking about in a bit. There’s a moment that it shifts from working out to ‘life guru’ and in that moment I became his biggest fan. Check it out!

“Don’t run in the wrong direction if you’re walking in the right one. You might end up at a Denny’s when you wanted to go to an Olive Garden…” Oh. My. Goodness. I lose it. And when he says, “This is the most exercise my legs have ever gotten!” I DIE. That’s me! I love Zach and his positive funny outlook on life and the world truly is better for having him in it. Thanks for the laughs, and the great life tips, Zach!

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