Mom Finds A Fantastic Way To Announce Pregnancy, And Their Reaction Is Incredible!

There is nothing less than incredible about finding out that you’re pregnant. Watching that one pink line turn into two and knowing in that moment that there is another life living inside of you. Second to that? Being able to tell those around you that your world is about to become one richer. That’s exactly what happened when this mom told her two daughters they were going to have a new baby in their life. She wanted to make it special and unique to each girl, so she decided to back them cookie cakes and write on them, “You’re going to be a big sister” and “You’re going to be a big sister again,” respectively. It takes the girls a second to realize what’s going on, but once they do, wow! Their reaction is amazing! Check it out!

It’s been two years since this video first came out, and mom has since given birth to a beautiful, healthy, active baby boy. These two are having the time of their lives spoiling their baby brother rotten and have truly lived up to the excitement they showed in this video. I’m guessing they wanted another sibling for a while, judging from their reactions, so I’m so glad they’re now enjoying their new family and getting a chance to be the best big sisters possible!

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