Do you remember the first time you heard the national anthem? Really heard it? I was in elementary school and at a hockey game with my family. My dad had been playing hockey off and on for several years, but this was my first time going to a professional game. We all stood and the players all put their hands over their hearts. There was a nip of cold in the air from the arena and lots of fidgeting from my little brother beside me and then someone walked into the middle of the ice and started to sing. Immediately I was transfixed. I’d heard the anthem before, but usually at school events or on TV, and never while really paying attention. This time was different. From that very first note something vibrated inside of me and wiggled up from my toes and I felt power in that song. Listening to G. Star Swain singing in the middle of the Lincoln Memorial brought back those memories and took me back to that time. Take a look!

The pureness of her voice is undeniable. And even though she was talked into singing, she didn’t hold back – not even a little bit. Every single word reverberated off those walls and echoes of emotion touched every person in that room that day. I’ve not heard anything this powerful in a very long time, but I’m so glad I got to hear it now. Thank you, so much, for taking me back!

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