When we are alone sometimes we can accomplish the extraordinary. Or at least it feels like it. Like when we’re sweeping the kitchen and suddenly bust-out the dance moves of Fred Astaire, or when singing in the shower we become the star of the stage, only better – because there’s no actual crowd. And I think that’s why these moments of greatness happen… Without the crowd, our inhibitions go away. Our inner editor takes a vacation. We have a chance to truly let go and become whatever it is we want to be. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened here. While alone in a studio, this boy opened his mouth and Sia came out. It wasn’t like me in the shower, though, he wasn’t pitchy or off-key…he was perfect. Take a look! Seriously, did you get chills? ‘Cause I got chills. When he first started I thought he was amazing, but there was a moment where it turned from amazing to exceptional. I don’t know if he’s already planning a career in music, but I truly hope he is. This kind of talent is a gift, and truly should be cherished as such. I hate that he was interrupted in the end, but boy am I glad it was recorded in the first place!

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