We All Have That One Friend Who REALLY Gets Into Singing In The Car

I’m the kind of person who will always sing along with Bohemian Rhapsody in the car. I’m the person who will drive around the block to let a song finish before getting out of the car. I was WAY into carpool karaoke before carpool karaoke was a thing. You know those people who used to sing in cars before cell phones were there to record every note? Yeah, that was me. All this to say I’m WAY into singing to the radio in the car. And I relate to this video so so much it’s like way down deep in my SOUL. This guy is me. And his friend? Basically every person who has ever ridden with me. Take a look!

Tell me that isn’t you? Like, why would you not want to be that guy in the car? Life is boring! Might as well sing along to the soundtrack in your head, right? Or, in this guys case, on the radio. Also, if I ever see him jamming beside me in traffic? You better bet your sweet ditty I’ll be jamming right along with him.

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