No one wants to get into trouble. I think as we get older we realize that sometimes we do things wrong, and in those moments we’ll have to face up to what we’ve done, but kiddo’s are different. Their natures are such that they believe there is logic in whatever they’re doing and getting in trouble doesn’t even make sense. That seems to be the case with this toddler, at least. After dad gets onto him for getting into the trash (after repeatedly being told to stay out), little Noah makes sure that everyone within earshot knows exactly how upset he is with having gotten into trouble – take a look!

I have no idea what he’s saying, but I don’t need to to realize just how infuriated he is with the situation. I’ve not laughed so hard in a very long time! The way he paces through the house, practically shouting his disappointment the entire time – even going so far as to reenact the scene for his mom to see. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

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