Benedict Cumberbatch Singing At A David Gilmour Show…That Is All.

Benedict Cumberbatch. One of the most unlikely sexy men on screen today. Like, his parts don’t fit…or something…but all together? Mmmm… I, for one, didn’t know he could sing. I, for one, feel as if my life until this moment has been a lie. At a recent David Gilmour concert, Benny showed up and started singing Comfortably Numb to that lucky, lucky audience. Thankfully, it was recorded so the rest of us could enjoy it, too. Check it out!

Also, I miss Sherlock. Yes, there are a lot of Sherlock shows out there, but there truly is only one Sherlock. My pal Benny. I ‘may’ have watched this video over and over again at this point, but that ‘may’ be because I just love him so, so much. And seriously, that song. Mahn.

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