This ‘Beautiful’ Video Shows How One Person Can Change The World

Words can change our lives. From the first words we speak, to our wedding vows, to that final goodbye when we lose a loved one, words have power. Some words are more powerful than others, and in a time when it seems so easy to throw around the harsh ones, it’s magical to see what happens when someone throws around the word ‘beautiful’. That’s exactly what happens in this video. This student decided to create a video that showed people’s honest reaction to being called ‘beautiful’, and it’s so much more than you would imagine. A couple of words of caution: the people in this video are mostly high school students and some of them used language that isn’t appropriate for everyone. I loved showing this video to my own daughter, but definitely watch it for yourself before you decide to share it with your kids. Take a look!

Beautiful. It’s a word I think many of us wouldn’t use to describe ourselves, but watching the changes on these people’s faces after they were told that one little word, maybe it’s one we should use more often. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life but the power behind what she did is incredible. With a simple word, she was able to truly bring out an inner light in so many of these students that many of them may not even know they carried. Truly, this is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.

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