Ellen’s Andy Is No Match For Michael Phelps!

Ellen loves to torture people. I think that’s the only answer I have for what you’re about to see. Poor Andy, her executive producer, seems to be at the epicenter of many of her torture sessions, too. But it’s okay, because he takes it with a grin. Plus, honestly, if Ellen asked me to do something I’d probably do it, too. So Ellen has a new segment called ‘Average Andy’ where people who are exceptional at what they do try to teach Andy how to do it. For the first segment Michael Phelps was going to teach Andy how to do the butterfly stroke. Now, keep in mind…Andy hasn’t done much in the way of swimming since Jewish Camp back when he was a boy…you…you just have to see this…

So while Michael glides through the water like some sort of super manly fish, poor Andy flounders around, flopping and getting water up his nose, and bouncing up off the floor. It. Is. Amazing. And so funny. Thanks, Andy, for always being such a great sport! And thanks, Michael for being a SUPER great sport!

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