The miracle of birth will never cease to amaze me. Whether it’s a cat birthing kittens, or your own, seeing something take it’s first breath into existence is a phenomenon that will always be incredible. Still, sometimes the unexpected happens and in those moments it’s kind of nice to know that nature is prepared to take care of itself. Like in this video. When baby decided to come a bit earlier than scheduled, dad had to step in and deliver his baby girl. It’s truly magical and completely unforgettable…take a look!

Anyone who watches a delivery feels the emotions of the moment, but for this dad to become the ‘midwife’ for his own daughter’s birth had to make him feel things I’m not sure many of us can relate to. Yet he does it. He steps in and as his daughter is born, he is the first to hold her. The surprise and emotion in his voice incredible and I’m so glad the family decided to share this video with the world. Congratulations to all!

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