Adorable Toddler And Seal Play Together At An Aquarium

Avery Morris was on her first ever trip to the St. Louis Zoo when a friendly seal decided to play with her. Seriously. A seal and toddler played together at the zoo. And it’s amazing! I think what I love most is that at such a young age Avery connected to a wild animal, and that kind of connection can be fostered for a lifetime. Her proud papa can be heard in the background, encouraging the play. And who wouldn’t after seeing this! Take a look!

From my view, seals are basically water dogs. And this little girl and this water dog just had the time of their lives hanging out together…even if only for a few minutes. I’m so glad dad caught it on camera because this is something she’ll want to see over and over as she gets older. Hope the rest of your zoo trip was just as fun, Avery!

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