Dick Van Dyke Is The Grandpa We All Wish We Had – Just Listen To Him Sing!

Dick Van Dyke is arguably one of the cutest lil’ old men on the planet. And, of course, he’d probably hate that I called him that. But if he truly hated it, maybe he could stop being so gosh darn lovable. Take this video, for instance. Dick and the Vantastix settled in for a breakfast at Denny’s in Santa Monica and instead of just enjoying their pancakes in peace, they decided to surprise the crowd by singing. And what did they sing? One of the most adorable songs to ever be sung, ever. Take a look!

I honestly still don’t understand all the words to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but it doesn’t matter, because listening to this man sing it…after all these years…absolutely made my day. And I’m sure after they finished their breakfast, this crew probably hopped into their automobile and flew off into the sunset…

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